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The dual head is equipped with a 20-meter safety cable, and the automatic model can be safely operated
The machine has electronic overload protection and mechanical clutch protection, double protection.
Multi-stage gear transmission with stable speed and super strong torque
The power is twice that of ordinary machines, the cutting speed is three times that of ordinary machines, and the weight is only increased by 9Kg
Cutting current can reach 34A, with strong motor power
Cutting depth (mm) Rated voltage(v) Rated frequency(Hz) Rated input power(W) No-load speed(rpm) Blade diameter(mm)
SCY-320WEQ-ST 320 110/220~ 50-60 9800 350 300-800
SCY-420WEQ-ST 420 110/220~ 50-60 10800 300 300-1000
SCY-520WEQ-ST 520 110/220~ 50-60 11800 280 300-1200