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Introduction of magnetic core drill
Time:2018-11-05Author:Shanghai Chengxiang

Magnetic seat hollow drill is a kind of electric tool that can be used for drilling on the horizontal, side and top surfaces of steel workpieces. It is widely used in construction, bridge, boiler, shipbuilding and other industries. Magnetic drills can be used for large steel workpieces and for some field work drills and hand drills that cannot or cannot be machined. It is easy to use and flexible, and can reduce labor intensity, improve machining accuracy and work efficiency. Compared with ordinary magnetic drills, it has the characteristics of large diameter, light weight, fast hole formation and belt cooling device.

The variable speed magnetic seat hollow drill has the functions of constant power, overload protection stepless speed regulation and cooling.


The working principle of magnetic drill is to move the rig frame and the rotary drilling mechanism on the surface of the steel workpiece by electromagnetic principle. The movable high-efficiency tool for drilling is the two main parts of the magnetic drill: The first part Magnetic seat, its function is that after energization, the magnetic drill generates 

electromagnetic force perpendicular to the bottom surface of the magnetic seat by electromagnetic effect, so that it is firmly adsorbed on the surface of the steel plate or structural member, which acts as a fixed machine. The stronger the suction, the more stable the body of the magnetic drill while working, and the higher the precision of the drilling. The second part of drilling, which is divided into two parts: 1, is a fixed part, fixed when drilling, the main role is to control the motor, such as switching speed gear and so on. 2 is the moving part. The leftmost part of the figure below, including the left upper black motor, the left middle gray bracket, and the lower left drill part. The entire moving part is manually rotated by the black Samsung frame to move up and down, so that the drill bit is connected to the steel structure. The motor start switch is turned on, the rotor in the machine motor rotates at a high speed, and the drive shaft rotates through the transmission gear set to drive the drill bit to rotate, and the drill hole is drilled through the drill bit at the portion where the drilling is required. Compared with the flame cutting hole, etc., the hole drilled by the magnetic seat has high precision, belongs to physical cutting, does not produce chemical reaction, and does not deform the material.